‘Suggest ways to kill student’: Virginia teacher arrested for disturbing assignment

NEW DELHI: A Virginia teacher has been arrested and had to give up his license after assigning his class a disturbing assignment, ‘to come up with ways to kill a selected student’, reports the New York Post citing court documents.
According to court documents, the teacher at Crestwood Middle School instructed his students to come up with different ways to harm one particular student in January 2022.Although the assignment originated from another student, the teacher allowed it to proceed.
The students reportedly participated to come up with ideas on how to kill their classmate. The court documents detail the suggestions, which included chopping him up, throwing him out of a window, burning him alive, and even feeding him to a dog.
The situation came to light when the targeted student went home and informed his parents about this. They informed the police and an investigation was launched. During questioning, the teacher in his defense said that he believed the student at was not bothered by it at the time.
However, the teacher ultimately admitted that the assignment was inappropriate and acknowledged it as an error in judgment. He pleaded guilty and surrendered his teaching license.